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education reform plan on making a pitch for a longer school days ... >> nancyyoo is l lee a ascscolol board h hdquarters in t t l lpp with more on the top story ... >>right now the school board as contest discussing the contentious issue of a longer school day plenty of people have had their say both four and four against it ... we were here at the edger care
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center on the south side where reforms to early childhood education more announced ... more access to quality healtheducation for all children ... and the ability to make more informed decisions about early education for parents >>a new study says that most parents support along school day and almost half surveyed support along a school year ... >>based on the survey mayor manuel claims that he is not creating a divisive atmosphere nearly 70 percent of parents said that there for the longer school hours we are trying to capitalize on this thorough endorsement and this is parents and teachers that we surveyed ...
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>>union president karen lewis does not doubt that parents and some teachers want this long verse school day but she wants to fight for the rate for teachers to be compensated more fairly and for the pope's plans to be strategically implemented ... >> >>we are not interested and slogans we're interested in process and in planning ... >>she said the school they should not just belong burr ridge should be better >>live from the loop i'm nancy loo >>and the mayor is going public with his fight against our ridge workers who are constantly calling off work at the last minute >>the mayor is posting on the city's website bar graphs that are showing the number of unscheduled absences that laborers and truck drivers took between august of 2010 and
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august of 2011 an average of 40 laborers had unscheduled absences on mondays ... an average of 19 truck drivers had unscheduled absences on mondays and were off 18 days on fridays ... both groups had lower numbers during the middle part of the week and the mayor said that the web site will be updated monthly to increase accountability. >>an autopsy today is expected to determine which killed a man who died while trying to remove a wasp nest from his home in roselle ... 62 year-old bruce mike dyermadair told his wife he was going outside to take care of a wasp's nest soon after he collapsed on the front step and neighbors called 911 its not clear if he died from being stung but the cook county medical examiner's office said that his face was swollen
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experts say that most people who are allergic to wasps and beestings never really know they are until i have been stung >>and man from chicago has told police that he used google maps to plan burglaries' at several upscale suburban homes samuel watson has been arrested at his home on the south side he is charged with a july burglary in southwest suburban indian head park watts and told police that he could build expensive homes along highways and news that 360 degrees satellite view of those homes to plan his break-ins police say that he is a suspect in as many as eight burglaries' since march in indian head park and burr ridge >>affair the resurfacing of michigan avenue got underway this morning-got a partner transportation as repaving from illinois all the way to oak street design and lake shore drive from oak to division one or two lanes will be closed throughout the project and c-dot city crews will use as little progress base as possible there
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will also be parking restrictions in certain areas as the crews repair the sidewalks and curbs the project is expected to last for mid november. nearly 55,000 senior citizens and cook county are missing out on property tax breaks that they're entitled to receive a new state law was approved last year the removed automatic exemptions for homeowners under 65 over 65 ... that means seniors must reapply for the exemption every year property-tax bills are expected to arrive next week and officials say that seniors should double check their bills and apply for the homestead exemption before paying their property taxes >>and one arrested and charged with a crime in the city of our rural will now live to pay $50 processing fee ... >>it costs $66 to process someone that includes finger prints and id ... officials here
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say it's not just a way to raise revenue >>we feel that taxpayers should not have to take on the full brunt of the processing those individuals committing crimes or suspects being arrested >>are is not the l.a. city with booking fees naperville, as we go, downer's grove and garyanddarien charge processing fees >>if you end up in court the money is not refunded to you ... >>next at noon: he contends that he is not running but the town of new jersey gov. chris christie is speech may give other indications >>what happened on the day that michael jackson died? one of the people closest to the king of pop will give his version as the
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trial of his dr. conrad murray continues >>and a judge is set to rule on whether the public with it to se let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver and i get great service.
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pictures of a video showing the killing of osama bin laden's. the group judicial watch filed a lawsuit requesting the material be released. but the white house says that declassifying the pictures and video would hurt national security, and would incite violence against u.s. citizens and property. they're asking the judge to toss out that suit. >>the iranian navy will send ships near the east coast of the united states. a commander of the i iranian navy said the move is in response to the fact that the u.s. navy patrols are iran's coast line iran's state-run
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media have announced similar plans back in july the pentagon is not commenting. >>republican new jersey gov. chris christie said that he's not running for president but he apparently has not ruled it out either christie spoke to a sold- out crowd at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. many in the audience urged him to get into the race. christie said that he needs to convince himself to run before others can't. they also sounded like a candidate when he criticized president obama's plan to tax the wealthy ... >>the republican establishment has been pressuring christie to run as big turner's turn away from texas gov. rick perry following his week debate performance and poor showing in the florida straw poll. >>who will be first to the polls? republican representatives from various states are trying to elbow each other out for the earliest
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presidential primary ... and that means that the gop nominating process could begin a little bit earlier next year. florida is expected to move up its presidential primary date to january 31st. if that happens other states that traditionally held the earliest primaries are expected to move their elections and caucuses up too early or to mid january florida's move would violate party rules but members of florida's republican commission said that they are worried other states will move their primary dates way ahead of them. >>president obama's currently answering questions on line about issues in the hispanic community. he's making his case to hispanic voters obama said that his job plan will benefit that the no workers and businesses that he is committed to and an overhaul of the immigration laws that event is currently streaming live on the white house website you can hear the president's answer is in
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both english and in spanish i going to the link michael jackson's personal assistant is expected to testify today the trial of jackson's dr. conrad murray his trial began yesterday he is accused of killing michael jackson accidently by giving him too much medication. prosecutors played an audio recording of michael jackson drugged and slurring his words recorded several weeks before his death in june of 2009. conrad murray's defense attorney argues that michael jackson desperate for sleep caused his own death by taking handful of sedatives along with the surgical anesthetic propofal while conrad murray was out of the room >>defense attorneys for amanda knox are expected to begin their closing arguments tomorrow in her murder appeal. amanda knox and her former boyfriend were convicted of killing the roommate and 2009 attorneys for her co-defendant and former board friends spoke to the court yesterday they argue that amanda
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knox is not the "femme fatale" that prosecutors called her in court last week defense attorneys added that the entire case was biased and based on flawed dna evidence the judge in the case said a verdict could be delivered as soon as saturday >>a florida judge to decide today whether controversial tell us video casey anthony will be released to the public. the video reportedly shows that anthony reacting to the news that her daughter caylee remains were found but reportedly she has and no sound on that tape the tip of seal before anthony's murder trial because a judge ruled it was highly inflammatory casey anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee last week the same judge ordered casey anthony to pitch around its $70,000 to authorities for the costs of investigating caylee's disappearance next how you can train your brain to combat negative thinking it is possible we will tell you how plus the day's top
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business stories including amazons challenge to apple a look at the new kindle fire tablet and later lunch break it's perfect
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reebok is now in the cross hairs government regulators say that the company was making success of claims about its john shear which costs up to $100 it claims that actually towns muscles as you walk and it's over hyped the company has to pay $25 million in fines to the federal trade commission reebok can no longer make those claims if you bought those shoes you can make a claim for a refund on
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the fcc website ... the candle fighter is the answer to the apple i-pad it costs half the price amazon is hoping that it controlcan sell its multimedia offerings on that tablet service ... >>the average domestic airfare will be 4% higher than a year ago for the holiday travel season the uaw just ratified a new contract with general motors it involves a signing bonus for union workers and 6400 new jobs in the united states >>the gm stock price however is
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not looking good its down 40% over the last year stocks are mostly lower right now in trading as investors still in a waiting game to see if any developments will be coming out of the european debt crisis no major news to report just yet ... no matter how hard you try sometimes it's impossible to keep the negative thoughts out of your mind. with some easy steps you can develop a brain like buddha one that combats negative thoughts here to tell us how is jennifer weigel of trib-u. >>the thing is we cannot control
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what happens in our world but we can't control how we react to it and think about it this is neuroscience respect to an era psychologist who wrote the book about the broader brain ... there are lots of exercises he has 52 of those in the book but the important thing that you need to remember is that the circuitry in the brain that causes the reaction to negativity is that hardwiring about running from lions to save your life it's a survival coping mechanism ... you can accept tough things it's all about how you choose to react ... the first thing you have to do is accept the situation and
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except that you are upset about it ... we only allow ourselves to be good to ourselves for about two weeks out of every year apparently ... the message in the book is to get on your own side get in your own camp and make a plan ... but how do you defend yourself without being combative to the rest of the population? >>you have to learn how to trust your gut better ... and don't be
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so reactive pick your battles according to what you believe in your heart and your gut i think developing the idea of knowing when you have a gut reaction and listening to your own voices in your own head has to help ... >>for men the hardwiring goes in the opposite of intuition they demand facts women do more internal listening but the neuroscience backs that up it says it refiners' the neurons to make corrective action for the future ... be sure to relax and learn a breathing techniques for 30
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seconds at a time innine acceptance is not approval we have to remember this ... thank you jennifer if you would like to find out more you can have over 2 chicago ne8évxó0%xpév@' xvp6pmh? 7@xs0ñxr0?÷z@8@?x>÷÷óú/xw0ñérxsx6÷sxzxíérxrú>÷,÷w@6xsérprxrérxrxs
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she's a ratherrags to riches success
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and she is still in her teenage years making her dreams come true. we first met zoete >>sella damacela as chicagos tarrytown last year when the and designer was winning the praise of some high-ranking members of chicago's business community she is a national magazine cover girl now ... she has that cover girl look a beautiful smile perfect skin but designer zoe damacela is used to being behind the scenes ... >>she is the october cover of
12:26 pm
seventeen magazine and the winner of the publications pretty amazing contest >>you enter the contest and you don't think you will win but it's incredible >>and 19 year-old chicagoan has been a successful designer since 14 years old when she sold her first dress for $13 that's when she realized that it could be her family's way out of poverty she was raised by a single mother at one. mother and daughter had nowhere to live ... >>even though i was pretty and being in that shelter made me realize that there is nothing but good things to come because it couldn't get any worse >>the positive attitude and the work ethic came from her mother ... >>from early on she was so is given lots of responsibility and the work ethic came ... >>now her designs range between
12:27 pm
300 and a couple of thousand dollars for a custom-made couture gown ... tyra banks is a bake patronig patron.. she reached out to her during this contest ... >>she asked me to twitter on her behalf and i love that she's already got that entrepreneurial promotional spirit >>she is going for a triple major selling garments traveling weekly for business and getting a degree at northwestern university >>the big messages to not limit yourself because of where you come from don't have a defeatist
12:28 pm
attitude don't be doomed to live forever in poverty with hard work and taking charge of what you want you can succeed >>the graduate is a put planning to help teenagers start businesses tom skilling has the latest on the forecast when we come back part
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time now for weather ... i hope tom that you will say that this rain will finally go away. >>boy it has been raining quite alive and we're not done yet these skies are still moisture laden. we are in day seven of this storm system with a heavy showers coming through the area we have a regular downpour on my way and to chicago this morning ... when you get a little bit of break for sunshine and some heat you get some rain blowing by two
12:36 pm
some people are describing sense as an inland hurricane but the structure is so much different here ... but there is a massive volume of their spending in a clockwise direction you could see that storm center hanging over us on our map. it slandered longer in our area longer than any cut off i can remember in my career the radar indicates that these are healthy showers that we are seeing in that relatively small areas if you get under one of them you get caught in a downpour ... we don't have a lot of fog this has been a stunning system it has produced rain for five consecutive days. some
12:37 pm
areas and the western counties have had upwards of four-6 in. of rain and the last several days ... we are looking at the northwest suburbs ... 61 degrees at 12 noon at 0 hera 61 at midway 57 in schaumburg ... look what's happening in south dakota ... i'm showing you this because this is the air mass that will see tomorrow before the arctic air comes and to produce powerful wind and calling us down now there are advisories' for storm conditions out on lake michigan here is the model forecast will looking at clusters of showers 330 this afternoon into this evening ... finally by midnight the showers
12:38 pm
will move out we will be cloudy during the day tomorrow but warmer the wind will have all by tomorrow evening at upwards of 40 mi. per hour there blowing from the north we have an early season cool spell coming by ... our attention turns from the stagnant system to that wind and the cool air the coolest we have had in 10 months or least since may here in chicago it's the coolest september in 10 years ... the '70s are coming back after
12:39 pm
this in coming cool spell that will happen next week a warmer pattern is coming here are the storm warnings for lake michigan: 50 mi. per hour wind and on the shoreline 40 mi. per hour wind that's as the cool air arrives tomorrow night and during the day friday ... the upper lowe is picked up by the jet stream blowing north all week long ... here we look at the jet stream flow from canada transporting that cooler air reaching from hudson bay down into the midwest a giant conduit for the cool air dropping our temperatures ... it's
12:40 pm
interesting ... you'd think with this cool weather that most of the country would be cool but 40 of the lower 48 states were above 80 degrees yesterday 50 of them had 90 degre15 of these states had 90 degree temperatures ... the winds are coming from the north at 10. humanity is way up there at 77% ... here's a look at the weather maps in motion ... that's the storm this is the sprawling canadian high front ... watch what happens: the huge area of powerful way and that is the purple region you see on the map they're coming right down
12:41 pm
and michigan with particular vigor expect 20 ft. swells out on the open lake with 50 mi. per hour wind ... we will be warming up to the mid '60s by sunday and low 70's next week ... it will be cool friday and saturday warm tomorrow ... the low temperatures overnight will be 55 degrees tomorrow partly cloudy showers midday ... we may get an embedded thunderstorms ... i will be 72 degrees the wind will pick up once again there will gust over 40 mi. per hour tomorrow night friday will be called and showers once again ... it will
12:42 pm
be in the '50s again on saturday but the warm-up will begin on sunday ... time for today's trivia: the probe national art museumado national trt museum is located in what city? the answer is still ahead now on ... and now for your live illinois lottery drawing ... the wind picked three numbers are: 3 9 9
12:43 pm
the winning pick four numbers are: 6 7 9 6 37 million powerball jackpot
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blamed on a bacterial outbreak linked to cantaloupe. the listeria outbreak is traced to cantaloupe grown at jensen farms and granada colorado. listeria causes an illness that affects primarily older adults pregnant women newborn babies and adults with weakened immune systems the tainted cantaloupes are linked to the 72 illnesses in 18 states nearly 1400 u.s. troops in afghanistan and iraq were found to have concussions or mild brain injuries this year.
12:47 pm
usa today reports the military polled 9000 troops out of combat for short periods of time. new rules require service members to take a break from combat after explosions or other during incidents that don't cause of the swans. most of those trips were ok. those with symptoms of dizziness headaches, and difficulty processing thoughts were kept out of combat until the problems went away. do you want to put your brain to work well give it a rest while you sleep your brain learns. michigan state university researchers found the brain processes information when we are unaware and that adds to memories that we recall when we are awake considering the fact that 63 percent of americans [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting
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raw at chicago french market ... >>everything we have is a raw and the ivegan my partner carroll jones is responsible for everything that goes into this food ... i am here to share with you some of what we do ... >>we are making an energy soup
12:51 pm
... it's easy and as tons of health benefits tons of nutrients you can use it for breakfast lunch or dinner ... everything is green there's tons of anti oxidants protein calcium all these green vegetables are good for you ... you need a cup of water i cut the cucumbers it's easier to blend those we will add lemon i believe lemmon is the key to this energy soup it cuts the odd flavor of the greens ... we put some green apple and there into the recipe we put avocado and for
12:52 pm
good quality fat i will post this in my emulsifying blunderender ... the more living nutrients you have the better i am adding some sprouts you always want to put the heaviest items in first to your blender we have 2 c. of spinach more greens for your diet as we had a leafy greens to the liquid ... collard greens
12:53 pm
kale spinach ... we makes movies like this at my restaurant every day ... >>this is really sick it looks delicious the consistency of the soup is wonderful ... >>it's lovely i need one ball every day i wish school systems would incorporate this and give it to every child they really believe it could make a
12:54 pm
difference ... >>we have here also a vegan lasagna.. our version of spaghetti and meatballs and we have tiramisu... everyone loves that one we have collard green garridosburritos... we make drinks and the soups twice fresh every day ... lots of people use this to cleanse their system and the detox ... raw is located in the chicago
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french market which is 131 north clinton street for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment again log onto ...
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we do have another front coming
12:58 pm
and ... lots of wind late tomorrow night into friday the cool air coming from canada keeps that wind blowing on lake michigan but warmer air will come here from the west by the end of the weekend ... tomorrow will be warm then the wind will come tomorrow night the temperatures will drop friday and saturday ... the wind gusts will be between 50-40 mi. per hour so that's a wendy friday we have in storeindy friday that we have in store ...
12:59 pm
we may even get some lake effect showers developing friday as well ... but in the 7 day forecast we have the warm air coming through we will be back into the mid '60s on sunday with great weather for the bears game sunny weather and we're back into the '70s early next week ... there is a 100% probability of 70 degree temperatures through next week ... >>thanks for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon remember we're back here again at 5 and at nine.

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